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Hawks Camps and Clinics

 Fall Camps 2019


September 21| $25 per participant | 9am - 12 pm |

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July 1-5 | $125 per participant | 9am-12pm | 

*There is basketball camp on July 4!

Questions Email: Sagec@crc.losrios.edu 


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[Co-Ed camp]

July 8-12 | $125* per participant  | 9am-12pm | Ages 10-14

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[Girls Camp]

July 8-12 | $125* per participant  | 1pm-4pm | Ages 14-18

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[Boys Camp]

July 8-12 | $125* per participant | 1pm-4pm | Ages 14-18

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*Group Discount rates available for groups of 15+
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We are excited to announce the opening of registration for another excellent season of swim lessons at CRC! Our staff is stronger than ever before! Each of our instructors are lifeguard certified by the American Red Cross, have multiple years of competitive swim experience, and are trained by talented coaches who are up to date on the latest research and techniques. Our instructors complete 30 hours of training to become skilled swim teachers for your children. Our program boasts small class sizes to provide your swimmer with a great learning atmosphere and plenty of teacher attention. We can't wait to see you on the pool deck again this year! 

$125 private lessons OR $80 group lessons

Session #1: June 17-28 


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Session #2: July 1-12


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Session #3: July 15-26


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Session #4: July 29-Aug 9


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Questions Email:  faulk-c@crc.losrios.edu 


Class Descriptions


Please Note: The ages indicated on the descriptions are only suggestions, not a requirement. All children will learn at their own pace.



Children work with their parent on the basic skills, moving on their front and back, working towards independence from the parent to working with one of our instructors in a structured class. Please note: One parent per child is required in the class.


Goldfish (ages 4-6)

Working with our instructors and aides children will begin to learn the basics of swimming. Skills such as independent front and back floats and introduction to the front and back crawl will be covered. When the child can move independently for 5 yards, they will be on their way to becoming a Sea Otter.


Sea Otter (ages 5-8)

Sea Otter participants become completely independent from the instructor while swimming on their front and back. When participants become capable of performing a functional front and back crawl independently they are ready to become a Sting Rays.


Sting Rays (ages 6 & up)

Now the swimmers are able to use the skills learned in the Sting Ray classes and refine front and back crawls. A focus on bi-lateral breathing and treading water is also introduced.


Dolphin (ages 6 & up)

Swimmers continue to refine the front and back crawl further lengths of the pool. Also, elementary backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke are also a focus.


Sharks (ages 8 & up)

Swimmers refine all 6 strokes, while learning how to flip turn, diving and increase endurance.


Blue Whales (ages 8 & up)

Increasing difficulty in all strokes along with added endurance and diving techniques. This class is intended to for preparation for a swim team.


Water Sports (ages 8 & up)
Open your child's aquatic experience with our new water sports class!  This class will encourage your child to use their swimming skills in a teamwork setting.  This class introduces the concept of Water Polo and is structured as a NO CONTACT game.  This will allow your child to experience a new sport in a fun and engaging environment.  Rules have been modified to allow your child to develop their ball handling skills, game concepts, swimming, and teamwork.


Adult Beginner (18 years & up)
For adults who have not received previous swimming instruction. Instructors provide basic swimming and water safety skills that are structured to meet your aquatic goals.