Hawks improve performances at the ARC Sprint Pentathlon

Hawks improve performances at the ARC Sprint Pentathlon

CRC Swimmers travelled to ARC on Friday, April 1st, where they faced multiple tough opponents. Although CRC did not place in the swim meet, they put up a fight against Sierra, San Joaquin Delta, Sac city, Santa Rosa Junior College, Las Positas, and American River College, they did happen to lower two of their personal best records.

Natasha Supan, the only sophomore swimmer on the team, lowered two of her personal best records, one for her 200 IM and also her 100 Breaststroke. Natasha Supan was outstanding in her 200 IM. She lowered her record drastically. Before her swim meet on Friday she swam her 200 IM in 2:55.32 and leaving ARC her new record for 200 IM was 2:46.18, a difference of more than 6 seconds which means so much as a swimmer. Supan also lowered her 100 Breaststroke starting with the time of 1:23.60 and leaving her new record of 1:22.94.

Sara Krajnovic also competed in the swim meet where she lowered two of her personal bests as well. Sara competed in the 100 Fly event and decreased her time. Sara went from swimming the 100 Fly in 1:21.04 and now her fastest record is 1:20.29. When it comes to swimming every second counts. Sara really improved when she swam her 200 IM, lowering her time from 2:49.95 to 2:45.60, which is a huge accomplishment.

Suraya Golden also had an amazing personal best. She was able to swim the 100 Breaststroke and lowered it by 3.10 seconds which is following close behind our sophomore, Natasha Supan. Suraya also lowered her 50 Free, she dropped her time from 27.59 to 27.47.

Jenna Singh swam two events where she lowered her 100 backstroke and her 100 Fly. Her standout moment during the swim meet was when she swam her 100 Fly. She broke her record of 1:27.48, dropping it to 1:22.60. Dropping almost 5 seconds off of Jenna's 100 Fly is going to be a hard record to break in the future. Not only is that an outstanding time difference, but with hard work and dedication she will be able to catch up to Sara, who also swims the 100 Fly. Jenna is only 2 seconds behind Sara. Jenna also lowered her 100 Backstroke from 1:23.14 to 1:22.77.

Liz Padilla Swam multiple events but one record she beat by a good amount of time is her 100 Backstroke. Liz decreased her time from 1:46.06 to 1:43.74.

Congratulations to all the CRC Swimmers. A lot of growth has been shown during these last couple of swim meets.

UPDATE:Next swim meet will be on Saturday, April 9th, at Chabot College for the Chabot Last Chance Meet.