Alyna Kanae signs commitment to CSU- East Bay

Alyna Kanae signs commitment to CSU- East Bay

It's a sad goodbye to one of our star women's basketball athletes, Alyna Kanae, but also a promising future for as she has signed a commitment to join CSU-East Bay this coming 2016-2017 Fall Semester where she will be living in the dorms.

"I really got that good feeling about going to CSU- East bay. I met the girls and worked out with them. It all went really well. I felt connected to the coaches as well. Unfortunately, one or two of them are going to a coach at a different school. I was really sad because they are really good coaches, the team did very well and they won their championship. So I was really excited to have a really good coach," Kanae explained.

One of the deciding factors for Kanae signing with CSU- East bay was that the other campuses she attended and work out with, she didn't get the same feeling she did when she met and worked with all the coaches and the girls at CSU-East Bay. At East Bay I felt at home, and I also like being in the bay area as well. During her visit to CSU- East Bay, Kanae was able to take part in the scrimmages and practiced on shooting drills with the team. Kanae explained that they are the type of school where they set up and execute their offense.

Some of the things that Kanae hopes to take with her when she leaves CRC and apply to the new group of girls she will be playing with is, "The work ethic for sure! Coach Coral really fostered an environment where we had to step up to the plate and playing a late game and showing up the next morning for a practice and having a good hard work out and not drop off anywhere."

Kanae hopes to take the knowledge such as asking for help when she needs it from her professors especially since it is going to be a quarter system and apply it to her academics at CSU- East Bay.

Going from a school and team where she is well known she hopes to adapt the same way she did coming to CRC, "I have to work hard and be as reputable as I can. I need to focus on school and basketball and maintain that balance and have a good relationship with faculty and make all the connections I can.

Kanae's last words for someone who is new to CRC, "Mind set. Come in focused. Have confidence in everything you do. Whether it be academics, basketball, or any other sport. It is all about the confidence and how you carry yourself."

Kanae leaves CRC with a 3.8 GPA and in five years she hopes to have a Masters in Speech Pathology.